LaSalle Junior High School

Positive Behavior

Positive Behavior


Students are encouraged to exhibit Positive Behavior. Students who exhibit positive behavior beyond normal will receive a coupon from any staff member.  One name will be drawn per week for 2 items in the concession stand.


Each child and each parent will sign a document identical to this at the beginning of the year, indicating that they understand the policy and the consequences.


When a child breaks a rule in each classroom, the teacher will put his/her name on the board as a warning. 

The second time this student is corrected, a check will be placed by the name.  The student is then required to do some sort of punishment work.  This child also will not receive a token in that class. 

The third time the student is corrected, a second check is added.  More punishment work is assigned to that student. 

The fourth time, another check is added, and the parents will be contacted. 

When the student is corrected for the fifth time in one week, the student is then sent to the principal with a written referral. 

If the student has caused severe disruption in the classroom, he/she will be sent to the principal immediately.


All names and checks will be erased at the end of each week.

Tokens for Pride

Celebrating Positive Behavior


Students will be rewarded each three  weeks for no checks on the board.

Rewards Include:

Free Snack at Recess (3)

Extra Recess with a snack (3)

Dress Down Day (3)

Talent Show

Volleyball Tournament

Fun Day 


Students will pay $1 for some rewards to raise money for principal selected clubs, organizations, and school improvement needs. 



At mid term and the end of the year, students will be eligible for prizes and enter their name for a drawing for money. Students must have no checks on the board and no teacher or office referrals to qualify.