LaSalle Junior High School

Medical Policy

Often it is difficult to contact parents when children are ill. As a general rule, if a child has been sick during the night, he or she should not attend school. Many illnesses are spread by sick children attending school.


Administration of Prescription Medications

  • No medication shall be allowed in the parish public school system unless prescribed by a physician licensed in Louisiana. Prescription medication shall be administered when the following requirements have been met: 

  1. The parent or guardian must obtain written permission from the physician with his name written, phone number, business address, and ER phone numbers, and desired effects with child specific adverse reactions.
  2. Parent or guardian shall co-sign form authorizing administration of medication by the school.
  3. Parent or guardian must notify school of any changes in medication type, time, or dosage.
  4. The parent or guardian shall be responsible for bringing the student's medication to the school. No more than a 25-day supply should be kept at the school. Concise written instructions stating date, student's name, number of doses in container, medication name, and time an amount of medication to be given shall accompany each weekly supply. (Pharmacist's Label) with number of prescription, physician's name.
  5. All prescription medication shall be kept in a locked container in the principal's office or designated place. Only the principal or his designee shall have access to medication.
  6. All prescription medications must be administered by the principal, when feasible, or his designee.
  7. Parent's shall provide a list of student's drug and food allergies.
  8. When all of the above provisions have been met, then medications may be administered at school by unlicensed personnel. Not until all forms are completed by parent and MD will the medication be given.
  9. For children on daily medication, a copy of the forms for doctor's order and parent consent are in the front office. These should be in our files as soon as possible.


Emergency Care

An emergency phone number, family physician's name, and other pertinent information is kept on the student information sheet in back of the handbook. It is the responsibility of the parent to update this emergency information file. The school is not responsible for expenses incurred in providing emergency help, such as ambulance fees.


Any student involved in an accident during school hours should report the accident to his/her teacher or the duty teacher who in turn will immediately notify the principal's office.


School insurance is offered to all students from the beginning of the school year.  Forms for school insurance should be filed immediately.